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Principal Consultants
Dr Aftab Rizvi
Alan Pedley
Dr Amir Chishti
Anton Robbertse
Binh Phu
Geoffrey Todd
Dr Nadeem Ansari
Rodney Pickup

Dr Aftab Rizvi PhD, M Phil, M Sc, BSc, Post Grad Dip, CISSP, CISM, MBA

Aftab is the world's first tester of regulated internet based gaming systems, commencing internet gaming systems testing in 1997.

Previously Director of Technology and responsible for all aspects of the technical evaluation of internet casinos for MGM Mirage, Littlewoods, Hard Rock Casino, Lasseters Online, The Ritz Club London, and a number of other operators, has exposure to more than a dozen of internet gaming and wagering products and operating environments.  Aftab has also been involved in numerous gap analyses of e-commerce systems, including internet gaming systems, products and development environments, around the world.

Aftab is a principal consultant .


Alan Pedley AssDip, AIEA

Alan pioneered all technology-based gambling regulation in the Northern Territory, establishing the world's first regulated internet gambling requirements and industry.  Alan has been auditing interactive wagering control systems since the mid-1990's; consulting to some of the world's leading wagering and gaming companies since Dec-1998, in relation to information governance and risk management.  Alan established the world's first internet gambling regulations enabling regulated interactive gambling industries .

Alan is recognised internationally as a leading expert of information governance in technology-based wagering and gaming industries.  He has appeared as an expert witness before government reviews into technology-based gambling since early as 1995 (including the Australian Senate Review into Australia's Online Gambling Industry).

Alan is a principal consultant .


Dr Amir Chishti Ph D, M Sc, B Sc, Dip, Post Grad Dip

Amir specialises in e-commerce systems development, evaluation, and related project management.

He has been involved in the evaluation of complex internet gambling systems since 1999 .

Amir is a senior consultant .


Anton Robbertse Dip

Data architecture practitioner with domestic and international success in implementing data architecture principles within diverse organisations.

More than 15 years experience in the data architecture area, ranging from enterprise architecture to creating physical data models. 

Demonstrated success with:

practical implementation of data architecture in adherence to enterprise architecture;
data modelling (enterprise, logical, physical and star schema) using various toolsets;
presenting proposals to senior management;
project management; and
tool selection and implementation.

Binh Phu BSc (Comp)

Binh commenced testing slot machines and integrated slot machine systems for regulated jurisdictions in 2000.  Binh was promoted to senior tester responsible for slot machine testing and certification in 2003.  Binh has been performing interactive gaming systems testing - against prescribed regulatory standards - since 2002.

In 2004 Binh joined Gaming Associates and migrated his extensive disciplines in the field of regulated gambling testing exclusively to interactive systems, where he is a senior systems tester .


Geoffrey Todd BA

Geoffrey's is a career security expert - service with the British SAS and British Constabulary.

Geoffrey has specialised in casino security and surveillance since 1985, when he commenced with Diamond Beach Hotel Casino (Darwin), as Security & Surveillance Manager .

Geoffrey later moved to the government regulatory authority as a Government Inspector and later a Senior Government Inspector responsible for security and surveillance matters.  He was a principal member of the management team which migrated casino regulation to a risk management approach with MGM Grand (Darwin).

Geoffrey is a senior consultant .


Dr Nadeem Ansari PhD, M Phil, M Sc, B Sc, Dip, Cert

Nadeem specialises in the evaluation of random number generators, encryption algorithms, and games.  Nadeem has applied his mathematical expertise to gambling industries for a number of years.  He has been involved in the development of Gaming Associates' advanced empirical gambling analysis and evaluation system (AEGEAS) – a world's best practice gambling tool.

Nadeem is a senior consultant .


Rodney Pickup DipLaw

Rodney has extensive experience relating to project communication, senior corporate liaison, stakeholder management, contract negotiation, regulatory processes and approvals and intellectual property matters in the technology based industries, especially technology-based wagering and gaming industries.

His technology-based gambling assignments have included: Global Gaming Services (GGS); Mikohn (Australasia); Mobilesoft Limited; NTC Samurai Gaming; TAB Limited; and Tekkorp Consulting Group.  Projects have included dealings with: Telstra Corporation; KeyCorp Limited; Online Gaming Systems (OGS); GET Systems; NextGen Gaming; AWA; TABCORP Ltd; Tattersall Holdings; and others.

Rodney is a principal consultant .

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